"Yes officer I did see the speed limit sign I just did not see you"

"Look a deer"

"What good is money if I cannot inspire terror in my fellow man?"

"Just give me some inner peace or I will mop the floor with you"

"In my life I have had one dream, To complete my many goals"

"English, who needs that I'm never going to England....O wait I've already been there"

"Attempted Murder? Now, Honestly, what is that, Do they give me a nobel prize in attempted chemistry"

"Generally I would respond but....I tuned out about an hour ago"

"Well He is dead"

"And with that statement you have lost the right to talk to me"

"I have not slept for 10 days because that would be to long"

"I am not prejudice, I hate everyone equally"

"What do we want....TIME TRAVEL.....When do we want it......It's irrelevant"

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