A long time ago, yet somehow in the future the Hallowmeer Clan banned the sale manufacture and possession of chlorophyll.The Takeda clan, now having absolutely nothing to do, or consume, decided to test out their ancestral aggression and go to war. After making great advances over Euopium, Creativian Steppe, and Tywod they decided to just keep going at it until they either got tired or got some chlorophyll. the Hallowmeer took this very personally because they thought they had northern Epsilon in control and so launched a major attack on Regalian Takeda clan. after being shot with leprechauns(An allience because of the takeda clan's high irish population) and pots of gold the Hallowmeer surrendered and soon the Takeda were marching there way into Permission. before attempting to surrender Permission offered them some Chlorophyll but the Takeda politely declined and went ahead pillaging and burning Permission before going on to invade Dynasty ,north Creativia, Nova and Newfoundland Epsilon.(They had to much chlorophyll and forgot about it)

Equilibrium joins Edit

now the takeda have made it to Equilibrium and were offered chlorophyll from the locals. satisfied for a while they signed a peace treaty with Equilibrium in exchange for several thousand swords and, along with the Equilibrium clan now continued their conquest of Creativia. unbeknown to them Hallowmeer clan 2.0 had long anticipated they might come for their chlorophyll and had been busy setting up a perfectly straight barricade in eastern Creativa. Unfortunately for them the Takeda clan were still high from celebrating their new partnership with Equilibrium clan and there fore would have failed the "walk a straight line" test therefore rendering the blockade useless and, with Equilibrium weaponry and support were starting to push back the Hallowmeer clan 2.0 and concur Creativia.

this was entirely fan-fiction(Or is it)