The whole world looks to Creativia for all our ideas of civilisation... and that's why we're in the gutter with a chlorophyll problem

-Lingminging on The United Empire Of Creativia

The United Empire of Creativia or the UEC is a small mega-empire a bit North of Greenland that has been the envy of the world for some time; pretty much ever since Exatia went Braveheart. The only people who dislike the Creativians are the Creativian republicans, this is probably to do with the aforementioned, envy.

The country is currently regarded as having the most violent people in Minecraft or in fact the World. Creativia is also regarded as a Great state by the UN, with political corruption from all parties leading to endless enquiries that lead to nowhere, this also means that for Creativia to get any benefits or not go bankrupt on unfashionable skirts(Kilts), they have to be in the union of the United Empire of Creativia. The Creativians have a Parliament which was designed by Manuel from Monthy Python, and is a desperate (failed) attempt to make Epsilon look like the "paris of Minecraft".

National Character Edit

Now it's my time to shine with these people whom technically I hate and look down on, yet I so crave their approval and validation

~ Josh105 on becoming Dictator of The Creeper Republic Of Creativa

Typically Creativian people are characterized by high achieving muscle-bound anti-social people, the reason for their success is not only the substantial pay off from EnderfartO_o to stave off independence but also the motivation of the Creativians which is hate and resentment, this drives them not only success at home and abroad but to a deep contempt for their fellow man. The national motto of Creativia is, in Latin, "Nemo me impune lacessit" or the Gaelic "Cha togar m' fhearg gun dìoladh", which translate roughly to "You don't want to mess with me".

Another thing that will strike the visitor to our waterlogged land is the tendency for Creativians either to be euphoric, angry or wholly disengaged from reality (Leonidas); whether this is the 'Illness of Creativia' (see Below) or the concentration of insanity in the genes leaves many scientists baffled, similarly the high achievement is also baffling since the population is mostly illiterate and has low concentration span due to the terrible diets the Creativians have.

The Exatians want ultimately to be like the Creativians, the Creativians however openly display hate for the Exatians and the further north the more prevalent it is to find that to be called Exatians(or "Ixatians") is an insult in itself. Even the Cornish try to be like the Creativians, but we hate them and we'll only abide the sight of them when we want to.