The Tribhuja ProphecyEdit

A well-repected psychic in the Creativian Empire has recently had a prophecy. The psychic winds whipped about her for seven days and seven nights before the vision finally settled with a sense of all-too-near dread. These are the exact words spoken during her trance:

"When the ash blows in from the north, and the cross slowly falls and withers, a three-sided war shall be fought. A grave loss will begin the conflict, and blood shall rain from the skies when the Almightly fall. A new era approaches...I see Epsilon, lying in greyed ruins...I see the oceans clogged with blood...I see the Imperial City covered in dust...and a mighty presence approaches. The end is nigh."

The Creativian Empire has it's best operatives on the job, but until we have answers, please wash your socks. No, seriously. You would not believe the smell during an apocalypse.