The Hallomeer Clan Edit

The Hallowmeer Clan is the clan of craftiegreen. The Hallowmeer Clan inhabits the deserts of Tywod.

The Hallowmeer Clan is based of an equal, fierce religious society. The peoples of the Hallowmeer Clan can live in peace, with no fear of an internal dispute. Any territory that the Hallowmeer Clan invades and conquers will be allowed to live in peace, with a slight tax to benefit their living style. Any religions in the pre-existing territory will be tolerated and tax-free.

Religion Edit

Religion is very important to the Hallowmeer Clan. The religion that the Hallowmeer Clan follows is called Kokuazi, and it is the belief that all peoples of the world are equal, and should be treated with the same amount of respect as anyone else. The believe in no god, and believe that the universe was simply formed from cosmic dust by the Harmony of Silence. The Harmony of Silence is another key part of their religion, and they Kokuazians believe that when the world ends the Harmony will be there to welcome the fading ashes.

While Kokuazi believes this, they are also content to tolerate other people's beliefs, for they know that it will matter little in the end

Alliances Edit

Currently, the Hallowmeer Clan has only one alliance, and that is with the Equilibrium Clan. It does have a military alliance with the Takada Shogunate Clan, though.

Conquered territory Edit

This is the list of provinces that the Hallowmeer Clan controls:

  • Tywod (Home Province)
  • Quagmire Swamp
  • The Shadernian Province
  • The Creativian Mountains
  • Meadowplains

Hierachy Edit

The population of the Hallowmeer Clan is arranged in a strict hierachy:

  • The Hallowlord: the master of all provinces and areas of the Hallowmeer Clan, currently craftiegreen. In Meudwy, the capital city of the Hallowmeer Clan's home province, the Hallowlord resides in the top floor of the centre tower. The Hallowlord is customarily well-trained in Shadow Arts
  • The Nine Liegemen: the advisors of the Hallowlord. There are traditionally nine, and they acts as priests for the Kokuazi religion. There are nine in Tywod, and three Liegemen for every province.
  • Farspurs: the elite of the Hallowmeer Clan army. They are well trained and fearsome individuals.
  • Meermen: the commanders of the Clan army
  • Knights: the generals of the Clan army
  • Tallowmen: the main fighting body of the Hollowmeer Clan army
  • Citizens: the population of the Hallowmeer Clan who do not fight but craft and mine, create swords, brew potions or farm.
  • The Ousted: the banished of the Hallowmeer Clan, permanently exiled for extreme treason, blasphemy or murder.

Constitution Edit

The Constitution of the Hallowmeer Clan can be viewed here:


Please note: the bit about the illegal consumption of hallucinogenic drugs is just to make the consumption of chlorophyll needlessly more exciting.

Navy Edit

The Hallowmeer Navy is a work in progress at the time this was published, but it will be big...

Flag Edit

This is the symbol of the Hallowmeer Clan:

Hallowmeer Flag

The flag of the Hallowmeer Clan