The Great Uniter or Lingminging is a master Leader who was part of the Takeda Clan in Epsilon. Prior to his departure in 1.7.1 , Ling served as both the captain of the city's guard and part of Creativian Shogunuate. Following the outbreak of anarchy in the Creativian Kingdom, Ling earned the trust of the States leaders by stabilizing Epsilon and was appointed as the nation's provisional leader. Hhe subsequently set out to reunite the rest of the kingdom with his army, which earned her the title of "Great Uniter". In his pursuit of order, Ling offered to protect the nation's states from bandits in exchange for their loyalty. During the states republicaniseation[Big Word, please note this word was not made up] Ling denounced the authority of the republican lead government and dissolved the Creativian kingdom in favor of an "Creativian Empire" under his leadership. In order to keep internal peace ling named the government "The Chancellory" and himself the "Fuhrer"