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Typical Equlibrium view on Life

The Equilibrium Clan is one of the most prominent and most powerful clans in Creativia. The Equilibrium Clan is led by Daleksec1000 and his brother The_Man898. The homeland of the Equilibrium Clan is the Regalian Steppes, with the capital being New Regalia. New Regalia is the biggest city of Creativia with the exception of Epsilon and Eriu. The Equilibrium Clan is currently allied with the Hallowmeer Clan.


New Regalia was founded at the beginning of New Creativia, being Creativia`s biggest city for some time, until the Industrialisation of Epsilon. It is a hub of culture and trade, with it`s transport system revolutionising Creativian transport. Much better than Lingminging`s TransCreativia, widely acknowledged throughout Creativia. New Regalia can be entered through the Labyrinth, a near-impossible maze made by Enderfart0_o. New Regalia`s farming suburbs and residential areas are currently spreading towards the New Regalian-Epsilonian border at the River Ayimko.

Old Regalia and Mensvat Esc Dalek Edit

In Old Creativia there were a number of cities founded by Daleksec1000. The first was the almighty Mensvat Esc Dalek, a metropolis rivalling even Epsilon. But after the devastating griefing attacks on Mensvat Esc Dalek, the centre of Daleksec1000`s hub of magnificent buildings. Regalia was even bigger than Mensvat Esc Dalek, a sprawling modern metropolis. This remained the jewel of Creativia until the Fire Nation greedily surrounded Regalia, with Daleksec1000 casually leaving Regalia to the greedy mitts of the Fire Nation. It was then destroyed as part of Lingminging`s demented idea, the Final Solution.

Allies Edit

The Equilibrium Clan is an ally of the Hallowmeer Clan, ruled by Craftiegreen. The Equilibrium Clan also has a military alliance with the Takeda Shogunuate which is led by Emperess Miyako and Shogun Lingminging Clan .

Religion Edit

The Equilibrium Clan follows Kokuazi, a religion that states everything and everyone is equal.They believe that the universe was created from dust by the Harmony of Silence.

Military Capability And Technology Edit

The Equilibrium Clan has probably the largest military of all the clans. It has 500 soldiers and many tanks, aircraft and ships, with many factories churning out troops constantly. There is also the Regalian Guard, an elite special regiment tasked with guarding leaders Daleksec1000 and The_Man898.

List of Regiments and Squadrons Edit

-1st Regalian Commandos

-1st Royal Mechanized Battalion

-Regalian Guard

-1st Artillery Regiment

-1st Airship Battalion

-2nd Royal Mechanized Battalion

-Royal Infantry Brigade

-5th Armoured Division

-Royal Reserves

-Royal Sea Battalion

-1st Carrier Squadron

-New Regalian Transport Regiment

The NRDF, NRAF and NRRN Edit

The NRDF (New Regalian Defence Force) aka Wehrmacht consists of all land units. The NRAF (New Regalian Air Force) aka Luftwaffe consists of all air units. The NRRN (New Regalian Royal Navy) consists of all sea units.

NRS Regalia Edit


Symbol Edit

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This is the symbol of New Regalia