The Covenant was the name for the Creativian Empire's government for a short period of time around the end of the Divine Emperors. The role of the Supreme Ruler of Creativia was divided into 3 places or the 3 High Prophets.The three High Prophets were Lingminging, the High Prophet of Truth, Daleksec1000, the High Prophet of Regret and Craftiegreen, the High Prophet of Mercy.

The Covenant concept was based off religious beliefs and saw the creation of the Parasite, or the Flood. This time period also birthed the Flood out-break.

The Parasite are still a problem today and the Covenant is still a religion in Creativia.

Covenant Remnant Edit

The Covenant Remnant, is an umbrella term for members of the former Covenant Empire, who remain loyal to the hegemony's ideals and the High Prophet Of Truth(Lingminging) in the wake of the Exatian-Covenant war, the Great Schism, and the disappearance of the Ducks. Fruit Bat Man leader of the remnant's main body is an esteemed super hero. The Covenant Remnant comes under the creativian classification "Secret Society"