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Shadernia is a land of peace, hope and freedom. It is found in a small, quiet corner of the Creativian Empire,

Golden City above the Clouds 2

Artist's impression of the Spirit of Shadernia

and is an empire in its own right.

Shadernia is bordered by a vast circle of beacons, constantly shooting their precious light into the sky and ensuring no evil may enter Shadernia. This is border is symbolic, but also accurate. They are no longer a Shogun or Minister, and must treat everyone equally.

Shadernia also has a central beacon, the Holy Light, that beams hope for all for over fifty blocks in every direction. But this beacon doesn't just look nice, it will also heal and restore full hunger to any player that enters Shadernia.

The Anthem Edit

This Holy gift of Glory we have deserved

Evil! Tremble!

And in resounding song let them repeat their simple call:

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Prosperity fulfilled this solemn vow,

And, severe, its anger showed

By throwing out the powerless evil

Eternally lying down on splendid cradle,

At the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky,

Thou flarest, O Shadernia, land of Hope,

Illuminated by the sun of the New World!

Pure, Shadernia, is your blue sky

Pure breezes cross you as well

And your flower-embroidered fields

Are the happy copy of Eden.

From the tomb of vile feudalism

The national Deity rises free;

Oppressors, bend your knees!

Glory to the brave people

Which shook off the hate,

The Law respecting


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The Holy Light

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