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Senate Tower

The Senate Tower is currently the tallest building in Creativia after the destruction of the Creativia port. It has been rebuilt multiple times after being destroyed by meteor showers, Godzilla, tidal waves, ice ages, little rascals(Holly), and Duck(which were banished by lingminging).

Being taller than the average man, but shorter than average millennium, it is thought to be somewhere between six feet and 1000 years tall; although the true height is not know as the building fluctuates greatly do to photosynthesis(Related to chlorophyll).

First Floor[]

The First Floor of Senate Tower contains a massive ying-and-yang design on the floor, accompanied with a large clock and a winding staircase. The Guardian of Epsilon stands watch in the centre.

Second Floor[]

The Second Floor contains the Library, with houses many important books on Creativia's history, current affairs and future.

Third Floor[]

This floor is the Maps Room, which is constantly being added to as more territory is conquered or discovered.

Fourth Floor[]

The Fourth Floor contains the Hall of Prophecies, and the Holy Chicken of Truth, contained in a lava-filled area.

Fifth Floor[]

This is truly the heart of Creativia: where all decisions are made, where emperors are elected, where the fate of Creativia is made. Welcome to the Senate Room.