"We won't tolerate Truth to be an obstacle to our Greatness"

- The Royal Academy of Historians motto


A section of the Royal Academy

History is a form of propaganda dedicated to ensuring that people continue to hear the messages of two key groups: 1, the Exatians; and 2, the Ling(Who BTW beat the exatians).

Anything that does not pertain to the Exatians or the Ling is probably not history. The rest of the planet outside Creativia and Exatia considers this bloody annoying, except for Minecraftia, who in Modern World History books, as a tribute to their pathetic military history, have been given countless sections. And we all know the only significant contribution of the Minecraftian to modern civilisation is the Baguette.

This is shown by the fact that 88% of all history ever written has something to do with Ling, Exatian attempts to


Shhh! People are being shushed!

build an atomic bomb, the Battle of Creativia, MInecratian.