There are many players who have graced the halls of Creativia. These are the most prominent ones

Craftiegreen Edit

Craftiegreen is a very determined player. He is one of the original three creators. He was the one who forged a

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new empire server for the dying Old Creativia.

He was a major builder in the construction of Epsilon.

Craftiegreen was a key player in the capture of George.

He used to control the element of earth.

He is known to be determined and patient, and learned in the Shadow Arts. Indeed, he coined the term.

Lingminging Edit

Lingminging is a very powerful player. He gives most of his time to exploration and, prominently, the conquering of rival servers.

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Lingminging in the museum, with Craftiegreen

He is known for his outstanding proficiency in battle, yet also his quiet building skills and peaceful moments in meditation.

He once controlled the element of fire.

Lingminging is well-known for his daring capture of Amber's Cat and for his constant vigilance in keeping George contained.

Lingminging conquered a lot of land in Old Creativia.

He is was the founder of the Creativian Empire and a current Creator. He is the ruler of Torenkai.

Daleksec1000 Edit

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Daleksec1000 as seen in the Hall of Statues

Daleksec1000 was one of the three original creators and a current Creator

He was once master of the element air.

He is best known for his staggering building skills. He can build anything you could ask for in astounding time.

He is leader of the Equilibrium Clan who rules the Regalian Steppes.

EnderfartO_o Edit

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EnderfartO_o Takin' selfies in MC

EnderfartO_o joined the Old Creativian Empire.

She is a determined adventurer and has conquered the End successfully in many worlds. Her Pet dragon, Trollemier, guards over the End while she is away.

She is always calm and logical when during war or in an argument and never sides with anyone. Her favorite biome is the Jungle biome and has a home on a cliff ravine thingy.

She once was Empress over Water. She controls the area of Ibaraki and is vice governor to Lingminging in Torenkai. She is a funny and intelligent person but will fight if needed to.


He is very intelligent an a quick learner. He also loves nature.

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