The parliament is the big building down the road from Epsilon made from gold and quartz.
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Alpha Govornment

Creativian National Parliament Edit

Name Position Titile Ministery
Lingminging Creator Creator and Emperor Pennance
EnderfartO_o Creator Heir to the throne and Creator Nature and agriculture
Crafteireen Creator Shadow Master and Creator Shadow Arts

House of Lords(Upper House) Edit

Name Pistion Title
Lingminging High Lord Emperor
Craftiegreen High Lord Lord
Enderfart High Lord Lord

Imperial Court Edit

Name Title Number of Importance(Highest to lowest)
Llennon9288 Judge 3
Crafteigreen High Judge 1
Lingminging Judge 2

Department of Creativian Dominions(Lower House) Edit

Name Position
Amelia1803 Govonur
Craftiegreen Govonur
Lingminging Minister
EnderfartO_o Minister

Beta Govornment

Department of Heritage and Land Edit

Name Minister Party
Crafitegreen Ownership(CO) Elixer
Duskhound Ownership(CO) Elixer
Daleksec1000 Consutruction Republican
Lingminging History Covenant

Council of Govonors Edit

Name Minister Party
Lingminging Racial TolOOterence Covenant
Duskhound Dominions(CO) Shadow
Craftiegreen Dominions(CO) Shadow
Amelia1803 Govonorship Independent

Unity Hall Edit

Name Minister Party
Llennon9288 Continuity Independent
Duskhound Unification(CO) Shadow
Craftiegreen Unification(CO) Shadow
Amelia1803 Conversion Independent

United Departments and Parties Edit


Name Party
Amerlia1803 Independent
Crafteigreen Shadow
Lingminging Covenant

Other Positions


Notable Places

Notable Places

aaa08 Minister of Penance Minister Of Military and Department Of Covenant
craftiegreen Counsellor of the Chamber Minister of Shadow Arts
Daleksec100 Counsellor of the Chamber Minister of Construction
DuskHound28 Minister of Shadow Arts Minister of Nature
EnderfartO_o Minister of Agriculture Minister of Nature and Department Of Covenant
FrodoRox Minister of Construction
Junly2001 Minister of Tranquillity Derpartment Of Covenant
lingminging Minister of Military Minister Of Penance and Department Of Covenant
Maxpaxrax2011 Minister of Conversion Department of Covenant
Megapoopslice Minister of Finances Representative of the Aristocracy
The_Man Minister of Players

Senate of Creativia - Positions Edit

Places Members Members
Counsellor(s) of the Chamber Craftiegreen Dalecsec1000
Minister(s) of Agriculture EnderfartO_o llennon9288
Minister(s) of Construction FrodoRox Daleksec100
Minister(s) of Conversion Maxpaxrax2011 Lingminging
Minister(s) of Elixir
Minister(s) of Finances Megapoopslice Amelia1803
Minister(s) of Inquisition Lingminging
Minister(s) of Humain Acts General Lomoque
Minister(s) of Military Lingminging
Minister(s) of Nature DuskHound28 EnderfartO_o
Minister(s) of Penance aaa008 Lingminging
Minister(s) of Players The_Man
Minister(s) of Shadow Arts DuskHound28 craftiegreen
Minister(s) of Tranquillity Junly2001 Lingminging
Representative(s) of Epsilon Craftiegreen Lingminging
Representative(s) of Ibaraki EndaerfartO_o Lingminging
Representative(s) of Ihgnea Craftiegreen Frodorox
Representative(s) of Mapaku Lingminging Craftiegreen
Representative(s) of the Aristocracy Megapoopslice Lingminging

The rules of Parliament and Senate: Edit

Each member may only have 9 jobs except counsellors of the chamber of parliament and each place may only have 2 members except counsellors of the chamber. There are also individual rules under each department. If a rule is broken you must go and see (a minister/more than one minister if it includes two departments). The result of the crime can be decided by (a minister/more than one minister if it includes two departments) or turned into a court case.

Rules of Agriculture Edit

  • All crops must be surveyed by the minister to check for diseases.
    • If this rule is broken you will lose your license for selling farm goods.
  • No license is required to farm, but a license is required to sell.
    • If this rule is broken your farm can be removed from your possessions.

Rules of Construction Edit

  • add info

Rules of Conversion(Covenant) Edit

  • All people under creativian control must keep up with creativian news and wikia updates
  • All Members of creativia must except the empire as their ruler
  • all Creativians must have a basic understanding of creativian history
  • All Creativians Must participate in creativian culture
  • All Creativians Must follow creativianism

Rules of Elixir Edit

  • Add info

Rules of Finances Edit

  • Add info

Rules Of Inquisition(Covenant) Edit

Rules of Human Acts Edit

Rules of Military(Covenant) Edit

  • All member of the military must follow the instructions of generals
  • All citizens of the empite must payy the military respect
  • In times of war the military may overrule parliamentary choices
  • The military has the ability to destroy any building within reason
  • Breaking Military Rules constitutes as an act against the state

Rules of Nature Edit

  • No out of control forest fires are allowed to be made.
    • Depending on how close the fire was to a (building/city/claimed area) you can (not be allowed to have flint-and-steel or lava/get temporarily suspended)

Rules of Penance(Covenant) Edit

  • Penalty for heresy - Execution on Hard Core
  • Penalty for Treason - Slave for Life
  • Continuous Rule Breaking - Life time ban
  • Penalty for Acts against the state - 6 Month Ban
  • Penalty for Extreme Greifing - 3 month ban
  • Penalty for Minor Griefing - 1 Month Ban
  • Penalty For Crimes is 1 - 3 week imprisonment
  • All Members of state must carry a word document detailing the crimes

Rules of Players Edit

  • Add info

Rules of Shadow Arts Edit

  • No form of Shadow Arts may be used to (damage/destroy/steal) the property of another player.
    • If this rule is broken you can (lose your power of Shadow Arts/get temporarily suspended/get banned).
  • No (devices/machines/contraptions) may cause lag that makes use of (Shadow Arts/Redstone).
    • If this rule is broken you must remove it in a time period of 3 days or it will be removed by a minister of Shadow Arts.
      • If you continue creating these (devices/machines/contraptions) that cause lag you can (lose your power of Shadow Arts/get temporarily suspended/get banned)
  • No form of forgery using Shadow Arts(This includes /give, /tellraw and /clear) are allowed.

Rules of Tranquillity(Covenant) Edit

  • All members of state must follow Creativian law
  • All Members of State must support the creativian law effort

Sources Edit

  • Parliament Building
  • Interviews with members of parliament
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