The Creativian Military is extremely powerful, with many soldiers and extremely deadly technology. When they come marching towards you, surrender immediately. They demonstrated our lethality during the Minecraftian War, also in the Exatian War.


The soldiers of Creativia are usually Iron Golems or mounted Villagers or Zombies. They form the bulk of the Creativian Army. They are seen in squads of about 20, led by one a player. Recent research into super soldiers produced The Flood, a special zombie with extreme powers caused by the Shadow Arts. There are now over a dozen of The Flood, although they are extremely unpredictable and dangerous, as they bear no distinction between Friend or Foe.

Some Creativian leaders also prefer Shadow Steeds, skeleton horses enchanted with extreme speed. They can travel vast amounts of distance in a few seconds

NOTE the creativian Military is made up of over 250 registered online players and not all creativias members are soilders.


The standard Creativian soldier wields an iron sword with leather, iron or no armour. Mounted units wear no armour, although the horses wear iron horse armour. The Flood wears no armour, as it is nearly invincible. Craftiegreen and Daleksec1000 wear diamond armour that has been enchanted by the Shadow Arts so that whenever they are hit, the attacker dies. All Creativian leaders carry a Butter Slapper. Craftiegreen and Daleksec1000 carry Shadow Blades that can kill a Wither in one hit, making them both a formidable opponent.

Training Edit

New soldiers or players initiated into the formidable Creativian army must first complete several tasks. These include chopping down the Big Tree, sucessfully completing Epsilon Jump Map or battling the Slime Stack in the Bedrock Arena: a massive pillar of giant slimes.

Military Battalions and Legions Edit

In rank of importance

Names Headed By Edit

  • Terra Team - Scarlet Legion
  • Scarlet Legion - Maxpaxrax2011
  • 4th Reich - Lingminging
  • Shogunuate Legion- Lingminging
  • Imperial Guard - EnderfartO_o
  • Royal Shadow Wielders - Craftiegreen
  • United Batallion - Kuvira
  • Great Legion - Azula
  • Gold Battalion - Daleksec
  • Iron Battalion - Craftiegreen
  • Creativian Military - Lingminging
  • Elder Guardian Legion - Lord Shen
  • Guardian Legion - Lord Kosum
  • Killer Bunny Legion - Lord Ozai
  • Zombie Legion - Lord Octavius
  • Wither Legion - Lord Megapoopslice
  • Witch Legion - Lord Glomptamus
  • Spider Jockey Legion - Lord Shingen
  • Slime Legion - Lord Tokugawa
  • Skeleton Legion - Lord Skeletor
  • Silverfish Legion - Lord Tog
  • Magma Legion - Lord Sven
  • Ghast Legion - Lord Totomari Casaomi
  • Endermite Legion - Lord Partisia
  • Creeper Legion - Lord Gunpowder
  • Blaze Legion - Lord Katsuma
  • Great Calvary - General Lonewolfe
  • Cat Legion General Wotson
  • Dog Legion - general Lennon
  • Ender legion - Kaiser Enderfart
  • Home Defence - Villager 21
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