As a 2014 christmas gift Lingminging donaeted his book Mein Kaphy Chair in PDF story to the Wikia

The First Couple Of Pages Edit

"This story us about me, Lingminging"

-Lingminging on Mein Kamphy Chair

Chapter 1- The First Couple Of Pages

Chapter 2- How I spawned

Chapter 3- Me

Chapter 4- Advancing in MInecraft

Chapter 5- Yes, I have actually be alive these past 30 updates

Chapter 6- Enter into polotics and how I learnt how to speill

Chapter 7 - That Time I Wrote an Autobiography, and the Kind of Stuff That Went Into It.

Chapter 8- Yes I am probably going to die

Chapter 9- This is the last chapter

About the Author Edit

Lingminging is the eseemed author, type maker and film star, staring in such films as Lingminging saves Ling day, Lingminging and the terriorist, Lingminging kills Godzilla, Lingminging and the half a heart prince. He has had many sayings such as:

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do"

-Lingminging on Mortality

"In two years time it will be two years into the future"


How I spawned Edit

Once upon a time I was rather young and I joined Mostro City. Happily unlike most I hated the idea there was no formalised government but a glorified Furry, what I would do next would. I started the Monstro City Republic and Army(MRA) and started a wonderful military dictatorship. Later on it occurred to me that defeating the owner of a popular game was a bad move and was ban along with my fellow MRA leaders Maxpaxrax2011 and aaa008.

We then moved to Robloxia were we stared the first Robloxian govenment with the clan 'The Robloxian Heirarchy'. After a while I got board and moved to minecraft were I spawned in Creativia Port(The FOrmer Capitaln of Creativia)

-Next Chapter Coming soon-

Me Edit

I have always been fascinated with stuff like Fruit Bat Man, Power, Cats and Coffee and cokeand now in this order, Coffee, Cats,coke, Power Fruit Bat Man I will explain my intrest


Wow, Coffee, Well, I was an 6 year old when I had my first taste of the drink of th

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