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Mein Kampfy Chair (translated as: My Paticulary nice feeling, perfect, beautiful chair Comfy) is the title that Lingminging gave to the Livejournal he kept during his Rise to power and war years; you may know it was Mein Kampfy Chairthat it waspublished in 1.7 to make it sound homely. In it, he discussed things that annoyed him, saddened him, and depressed him. It was later published and distributed to the Creativian people, because as leader he could. Especially noticeable was his hatred for apple juice. The controversy over his journal came from a later typographical error that "apple" was misspelled in the final print version of his book. Unfortunately, the cost of recalling all copies, and reprinting them was so great, that the publishers simply concluded "what the nether?" This award winning novel included things"dude wheres my horse?"

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