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"Long ago in ancient Creativia the peacocks ruled over Gongman city (A city west of Europium).They brought peace joy and prosperty to the city for they had invented fireworks. But their son Lord Shen saw darker power in the fireworks, what had brought colour and joy could also bring darkness and destruction. Shen's troubeled parents consulted a sooth sayer. She fortold that if shen continued down this dark path he would be defeated by a craftie warrior of green. The young lord set out to change his faith but what he did next only sealed it. Shen returned to his parents full of pride but in their face he saw only horror. He was banished from the city forever but shen swore revenge someday he would return and all of Gongman city would bow at his feet and so he became a general in Lingminging's army in the Takeda clan

At this time, we are sad to report his mysterious disappearance... We hope Lord Shen will be de... ah, I mean back with us soon...