Welcome Edit

Oh how now, Gentle Web surfers. You've caught me preparing to pose for my Emperor of Creativia painting.

This web page that you have stumbled across is my Greatest Minecraft Moments I will not give you a tour, of these many, many, many good times I had 'Serving' the once Great Empire of Creativia.

TIME Magazine Edit

Ah yes a personal favorite of mine. When I was made person of the year award, Good times, good times.

Nobel Prize Speech Edit

2015-08-15 13.25.50

Yes, I got this around the time of the First Exatian War, truly horrible times. I was encahrge of gassing the exatians. OH boy, I loved that job, I gassed them all, Gas gas here and a gas gas there and when people asked me Why I would say because of there race.

I got the nobel peace prize for Racial Tolerance.

Lighting the 1.8 Olympic fire Edit

2015-08-15 13.35.33
2015-08-15 13.36.28

Ah yes, more good times. How I loved running up the isle. Thousands of screaming players, cheering me until I reached the top and threw in that torch and puff up it went, like an eternal flame.

And to think I only had to murder 3 people to get the opportunity to make that lovely fire.

Helping out villagers Edit

2015-08-15 13.39.03

Many people think I am a horrible person because I do not help my subordinates out, well poop them look this is photographic evidence of me being a lovely person.

Me Pondering wether to kill the villager I helped for scamming me Edit


Nice and cosy in the little jail cell I made him

Me torching the villager who helped me for scamming me in trading Edit

2015-08-15 13.41.07


This is my answer to Adolf Hitler's Death Camps, oh yeah I will make his friends watch

Me killing the villager I helped for scamming me in trading Edit