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Primary Education[]

Lingminging is regareded as one of creativias most educated members. The story of his education began in the Minecraftian National Spawnling School. Lingminging learnt little from them and soon found that building, cooking and architecture were horrible subjects that he hated. So he moved to the Supereme military school of Minecraftia.

Secondary Education[]

Lingminging attened the Minecraftian School for the insanley gifted and talented. He was made the smartest, most strategic person ever to attened the great school. Sadly Lingminging did not continue his educatation(Until he after creativia's founding) but joined the minecraftian military were he founded CReativia

University of creativia Port[]

Lingminging took several courses During this time(E.g. Law Polotics, Dominance and History) Perhaps the course he is most famous for is his Music Course were he latter wrote the song that Disney was later found make Parodies of - Can You Help Me Hide A Body


Will You Help Me Hide a Body (Song made by Lingminging)

Trinity Royal University[]

The courses Ling took here are not to be mentioned because the government said so