1 The Beggining Notch  
2 The Beggining Taoiseach Lingminging  
3 The Beggining Emperor Supreme Senator Lingminging  
4 Era of gods God of creation Lingminging  
5 The Era of the republic Senate  
6 The Kingdom state King Lingminging  
7 Imperial Cycle Emperor Lingminging  
8 Imperial Cycle Emperor Craftiegreen  
9 Imperial Cycle Emperor Daleksec  
10 Imperial Cycle Emperor Lingminging
11 The Ageof the countries at war Differs
12 The Dynasty of Fire Firelord Lingminging
13 Epsilonial Era Emperor CRaftiegreen
14 Epsilonian Era Emperor Lingminging
Covenant State
15 Covenant Era Prophets
16 Shogunaute Era Shogunuate
17 CReators Era Creators pane
18 Clan Era Emperor Enderfart and Shogun Lingminging
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