Many, many different peoples and beasts roam the land of Middle Earth: on the land, in the sky, in the waters, even in the harsh, flaming depths of the earth, and each have their own unique culture and way of life. On this server, we provide but a small selection for you to choose from. Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses, so read each description carefully and make your choice!

Elves Edit

  • Light of Foot: Elves have passive Speed I and Jump Boost I
  • Natural Aura: Walking over grass or dirt grants them Speed II, but walking over stone grants them Weakness I and Slowness I
  • Courage Shot: When an Elf uses their bow, they give Strength I to themselves and allies around them
  • Organic Endurance: When an Elf eats an apple, they are granted with Resistance I for a few seconds

Orcs Edit

  • Inner Power: Orcs have passive Slowness I and Strength I
  • Putrid Cleansing: Eating Rotten Flesh grants Orcs with Regeneration II instead of Hunger I
  • Sword Block: When an Orc uses their sword, they gain Resistance I for a few seconds

Dwarves Edit

  • Pickaxe Flurry: Dwarves have passive Haste II
  • Bones of Iron: When walking over stone, Dwarves gain Strength I
  • Berserker Rush: When holding an axe, Dwarves are granted Speed II
  • Blessed Jewels: Whenever a Dwarf mines diamond or gold, they are guaranteed a double drop