Here are a few questions for peoples to awnser

What is the meaning of life: Edit

I believe the meaning of life attempt to reach the oneness we are looking for. I think Enderfart would agree with me in saying that we are all one and the goal in anyone's life is to see and understand this is truth, I bid you not seeing everything as just one consiouness have their own experience in a tough truth to except


What is "The divine right to rule" Edit

True power, the divine right to rule is something you are born with. It is the power to smite filthy little Joshuas down and so they many venver rise from their ashes of shame an humilation for doin some naughty things"


What is Love Edit

HUmmmmmmmmm...... I believe love is......(LOL It amuses me that I was capable of explaining the meaning of life but not something as simple and as common as love)..........perhaps.....Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you yet trusting them not to(Yeah that sounds about righ


How attached to physical possesions are you Edit

Well.......I am saad to admit that, I am quite attached to physical possesions. Despite having the knowledge that they do not bring me happiness(I am so bloody enlightened). I still find myself clinging to physical possesions.


Do you love life Edit

Wow....What a simple question! I have never quite understood the human brain enough to believe that people would awnser this question differently to me. I understand that people may be misserable, yet surly they can understand that there is something wonderful about it and why they would not want I cannot understand. Perhaps it is because they do not understand that they are SO vital to the universe. You see without them the universe would be incomplete. So YES I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE LIFE