Shadow CrystalsEdit

Shadow Crystals

During The Battle For Creativia DuskHound28's Shadow Power started to run out. (Shadow power has to recharge) DuskHound28 went into the Public Mines to get more diamonds. (He usually uses Shadow-Arts)

Instead of finding diamonds he found Shadow Crystals. These were never found before. The moment DuskHound28 touched the crystals his Shadow Power went to full.

DuskHound28 then removed all the shadow crystals from the mine and took it to his lab. The lab had a shadow curse on which only DuskHound28 knew how to lift. While studying the shadow crystal an attack started.

"Not again." DuskHound28 thought. DuskHound28 quickly put the crystal in his pocket and joined the fight. He started spawning wolves to attack the enemies but all the wolves made a one hit kill and the wolves could not die.

The True Power of Shadow CrystalsEdit

Only now did DuskHound28 notice the true power of the shadow crystals. He also knew that these crystals must be kept away from all evil or else... Well, let's not go there.

Lingminging is suspecting somethingEdit

Lingminging recently began to send spies into Animal(DuskHound28's clan) territory to find out why Animal has suddenly become so powerful, but DuskHound28 used a Shadow Veil to hide the Shadow Crystals from him. On one evening a Shadow Beacon shined with Black Light. This made lingminging confused so he send an army to find out what is going on. Everyone who came in the range of the beacon withered away. DuskHound28 was being taken over by EVIL. No one could stop him now.


Herobrine is actually just a ghost, a ghost which can control your body if you get close to evil. Shadow crystals are pure evil. If he controls you long enough he will transform you into Herobrine. “DUSKHOUND28 HAS TURNED INTO HEROBRINE!!!” shouted Craftiegreen, “He will destroy us all.”

The whole of creativia is working together to stop DuskHound28 or should I say Herobrine.

To be continuedEdit