Feel the weightless tickle of justice!
―Fruit Bat Man's catchphrase
―Fruit Bat Man's catcphrase

Fruit Bat Man is the superhero alter ego of Lingminging.

History Edit

After buying every comic book in The Creativian Comic Shop and reading them, Ling decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a superhero. Craftiegreen thought it was just a phase and went along with him. However, Fruit Bat Man decided to solve a real crime in Chloro-shop. Craftiegreen got there before him and paid Da Robber and Chloro-dealer to let Fruit Bat Man stop a holdup.

After this "success", Fruit Bat Man stopped several "villians", including Hacusis, Leno, Cars, Crazy Cat , CLowns and Manfred, who all were Real ennemies. Eventually when Daleksec asked him for a help in stopping Jeff the creeper, who was framing him for a attack,

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