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Creativian's Impression of Azula

Azula was the princess of the Fire Nation, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa, younger sister of Zuko, the older half-sister of Kiyi, and the aunt of Izumi. She was a key adversary of Team Avatar,[4] chasing AvatarAang and her banished brother far across the Earth Kingdom accompanied by her two best friends Mai and Ty Lee.

A firebending prodigy, Azula was sadistic, manipulative, and obsessed with power. She was a skilled strategist who orchestrated the coup over the Earth Kingdom capital Ba Sing Se,] and halted the invasion on the Day of Black Sun.[7]

Azula harbored deep mental instabilities, believing her mother loved Zuko more than her.[8] Raised by her father in an environment without a mother-figure, Azula had to be nothing less than perfect in her father's eyes just to earn any affection from him. After the betrayal of her two closest friends Mai and Ty Lee, these instabilities were brought up to the surface.[1] Upon the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Azula was soon to be crowned Fire Lord;]however, her defeat at the hands of her brother Zuko and Katara caused her to suffer a complete mental breakdown.[10]

Following her emotional breakdown, Azula was put in a mental health institution to recover, though she eventually joined Team Avatar on their search for Ursa as part of her secret agenda to betray them and usurp the throne from Zuko, though after finding her, she ran out of the team's sight.

After Azula was defeated by Zuko she joined the empire of Creativia and is now a member of Lingminging's Army and a close friend advising him on political movements.