Exatian War II, proved to be one of the most successful and high-budget wars ever to have occured, even becoming more popular than EWI. The film, which racked up billions of dollars in Exatian debt, has occasionally been criticized for the death of 72,000,000players, including the stars He who shall not be named for leal purposes and Sir shall not be appearing in this wikia.

The war is famous for a scene in which the Creativians, unable to push Exatian's advance back, since neither army can walk on water, are aided slightly by defectors, Minecraftia, the late-as-usual Notch Dynasty, and Survilvia farmers. The Creativian population, who single-handedly stopped the advance of the Exatians though the use of the most technologically advanced defensive feature of the day: the Creativian channel, quite rightly say that the "WOw that one nice sword". Actually the Minecrafters knew that Exatia had it in for the world but were waiting to see who the winner was going to be so that they could jump in and heroically help them kick the loser when he was down, and then try and take all the credit..

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