The Exatian Empire was the Creatian empire's largest advasry. It was known for its ruthless and selective


An artist's impression of an Exatian. The artist went missing in mysterious circumstances a few days later.

initiation processes. They were known to be relaxed toward members of the Exatian race, whereas for other denominations it was next to impossible to be admitted. They were dissolved after the Trials of Minecraftia-Creativia, a particularly difficult challenge imposed by the world, who had become jealous of their creeper statues.

They were obsessed with innefective and costly methods of dispatching their enemies, like for example transporting (enemies had it for free, well, not like the travel industry(Trans-Creativia Rulzzzzzz)) enemies in a happy camp (which You can infer from very few people complaining about it), where they baked cookies all the time (they had huge bills for gas), with sadistic guards (they were not well paid and saw no satisfaction with the job). Enemies were punished - refusing enemies to eat any cookie they made themselves, at least according to Extians. Enemies were locked here until they died of natural cause - sad and bored to death they stuffed their heads into gas oven (yes, they did not even realize electricity was cheaper).


Your typical Exatian.

After Exatians were defeated the horrible amount of document were posed about them(Such as this one). They were full of propaganda against Exatians. The amount of propaganda in these posts heavily outweights all the Exatians propaganda so much, that it renders it quite nonexistant.

But you have to admit Exatia is a cool name :)

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