Creativian port 1

What the harbor was supposed to look like

Europium is a county in the vast Creativian Empire. It was established by Lingminging on the 5th of May, 2014.

It is a vast and noble region, containing a mighty port bordered by tall mountains. The Imperial Palace is built in a top secret location in these mountains, about 20 metres along the coast to a spruce forest, just between two peaks.

Europium Bay is a vast and deep harbour, with a large, long bridge leading out of it to Tywod. In Europium Bay is a small island with a Epsilon out-post upon it: this is Byzantium. The Great Coast Road starts/finishes here, and goes from Europium to Epsilon.

And further along Europium, there lies Europium Port: a massive, bustling metropolis full of amazing structures. Most notable among these are: the Port Office, the Bedrock Arena and the Drunken Horse Inn.

Creativia port 2

What it looks like

Neat Europium Port lies a small island: this is called Blood Lily Island, so named for the crowds of red flowers that bloom along it.