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Epsilon City is the headquarters of the Creativian Church . It often also serves as the headquarters of other stuff and as the base of operations for the shogunuate, which is currently occupied by chlorophyll, a furer, a religious guy, a power mad guy and a guy who will be killed by the Shogunuate inner-circle once they get around to it. Creativians all over the world have had it pounded into their heads that their first true allegiance is to the Shogunuate - all else is secondary.

This is the great city of Epsilon. Located at the heart of the Creativian Empire, it is the supreme stronghold of all Creativian power.

Buildings: Edit

Senate Tower is the largest tower in Epsilon, and contains the majority of Creativian knowledge. It contains a library, entrance hall, a vast maps room, a room of heads and most importantly, the Senate Room in the top floor.

Spawn Tower is the tower where all incoming visitors will spawn. It is humble, a mere introduction to the glory of Epsilon.

The Lighthouse is an ingenious tower, small but glowing with the light of a thousand suns. It guides nearby skyships to Epsilon.

The Prison is located to the side of Epsilon, and has many heavy-duty cells that are impossible to break out of. So, be good!

There are countless other towers, but these are the most prominent.

Attractions: Edit

There are several attractions to be found in Epsilon. These include the Epsilon Jump Map, a difficult jumping adventure with a hefty reward at the end, the Trans-Creativian Rail, the Hall of Statues and The Catapult, a fun TNT powered jumping device.

Surrounds: Edit

Epsilon is surrounded by luscious forest and vast, glorious plains.

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Epsilon, in all its glory