EnderfartO_o Antoinette was - and continues to be - the creativian Reine, but her love for all things ender have made her an international icon. In this way she is similar to Louis XVI but now a full head Larger, thanks to an accident which in a slice of fate, lead to great happiness for all during the french revaloution. It was a new 'cutting edge' way to go.

Background Edit

EnderfartO_o Antoinette was born an Minecraftian noble lady. Growing up in minecraftia, she declined to join her friends in exatia. Insted she excepted a job as Le Mayor De Hotel du Porte from Lingminging. SHe is famous for building a massive stronghold in her time as Le Mayor. She Later became the empress of creativia and the Lord Du Exatia. When lingminging took control as fuhrer she was demoted to kaiserin and is currently the Reine of state.

Revolution Edit

In the Creativians finally decided they no longer liked Lingminging or his buildings and broke into rebellion. Creativian revolutionaries who wouldn't know a good Boat from a bowl of hot sick [5] made life difficult for Fuhrer Ling and other nobles including EnderfartO_o. Ling went along with their demands but in he tried to 'do a runner' from Epsilon and flee to La Luna. Ling and friends were caught and now the Creativians decided they were going to chop more than carrots in their political kitchen. Both lingminging Bonaparte and EnderfartO_o Antonette were spared but once again demoted.

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