Ducks used to rule minecraft before the creeper dynasty and the Creativa's arrival. When lingminging arrived and made creativia port the Ducks were not happy so he formed an army and there was an epic battle. Many brave creativians died

Battle of Creativia Port(Aggainst da ducks) Edit

The Battle of Creativia is most likely one of the greatest and most veracious Creativian Victorie and arguably the most impressive victory in all of minecraft history. Many historians agree that the strategy used to invade and attack the city is a work of genius. Outnumbered by a factor of 34000 to 1, a small team of 11 Creativians defeated a rabid duck force of 381,000 enemy combatants. The battle lasted approx 12 hours, while the actual conflict lasted 5 seconds, but many sources suggest 8 or some half a second.

With the recent limited successes in the creativian port, the Creativian Commanders and Deciders in Epsilon needed to come up with a strategy that could provide enough News to Distract them from the fact Exatian war was over. The driving the ducks out of minecraft, a venture which at one point required the hiring of a medium sized bus - although several ducks refused to be driven for reasons of motion sickness and insisted on rail or air travel instead.

Interview with Ling Edit

Interviewer(I): Welcome


I: So lets just get to what everyone wants to know

L: Yes

I: How did the battle go

L: Well (Sniff...Sniff) cannot complain

I: Did you win Here give me some of that

L:Here....Yeah well we(Sniff) were outnumbered

I: And(Sniff)

L: The state cele(Sniff)brates my victory...but

I: YES(Sniff)

L:the epic duck got away

I:Were did he go

L: Bet he went back to the Duck rePUBlic

I:Well my touge is going numb to chloro I mean my illness so I will end the interview here


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