"All you need to be a good ruler is hope, compassion, kindness and people."

-Daleksec1000 on ruling. Daleksec1000 is one of the three founding members of Creativia. He is a skilled PVPer and also an amazing builder. He built the majority of buildings in New and Old Creativia.

Official Title Edit

The official title of Daleksec1000 is Chancelor Daleksec1000 of Creativia, destroyer of worlds, killer of creepers, builder of nations.

Personality Edit

Daleksec1000 is eccentric and honest. He really does not like politics, preferring to ignore it altogether in favour of building. If Daleksec1000 had his way, there would be no politics, with everyone focusing on building.

Notable Builds Edit

Daleksec1000 built many impressive structures, but here are some of the most impressive.

1. Regalia

Old Regalia was a modern metropolis, utilising the small space available in the best way.

2. New Regalia

New Regalia is one of the biggest cities in Creativia. It has many impressive structures.

3. The palace of Lingminging

Lingminging`s palace is a large tower stretching to the sky. It was originally a group project, but Craftiegreen and Daleksec1000 ended up doing the majority of the work.

4. Mensvat Esc Dalek

Mensvat Esc Dalek was the hub of all things in old Creativia. It was destroyed by Exatians in the griefing attacks on the Day of the Flying Sheep.

5. The_Man898`s palace

A magnificent palace made of quartz for Daleksec1000`s brother.

These are the most notable and magnificent of Daleksec1000`s builds so far.

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