The Creativian Empire is founded on and united by a single religion, based upon the worship of the ancient race of beings known as the Mojang. According to the Creativian religion, the Mojang, being nearly omniscient and all-powerful beings, discovered a method to transcend the physical world and achieve divinity. They were believed to have accomplished this through the construction and activation of seven monolithic installations referred to as the Halos. Though these installations were also referred to colloquially by the Creativians as the "sacred rings". According to the Creativian belief, upon activation the Halos initiated a sublimination event known as "the great journey" propelling the mojang into a state of transsentience. However, all lesser players were inherently unworthy of this journey and were left behind. The Creativian Empire, or at least their leadership caste believe themselves to be the chosen inheritors of the mojang divine technology. The foundation of the Creativian Empire is built upon the desire to reclaim lost Mojang technology and use these gifts of divinity they left behind in the physical world. Their ultimate purpose, however, is to locate and activate the Halo Installations. In doing so, they believe that all faithful adherents to the Creativian Religion will be allowed to transcend the limitations of the physical world and walk among the Mojang as divine beings. All client players of the Creativian Empire follow the leaders in the hopes of also ascending into godhood.

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