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Welcome to the Creativian Wiki Edit

Welcome to the mighty Creativian Empire! We are the strongest, longest-lasting empire ever to rule a server. We will welcome all who wish to join us into our majestic halls and castles. Anything you wish to know will be found on this Wiki! Anyone can add to this Wiki, if they have information they wish to share. == Services Provided by the Empire Of Creativia ==

  == Random Quotes of the Milliseconds☁ == 

"For Creativia - We Build"


"Lingminging and Amelia1803 are the greatest leaders i have ever met"


Did You Know

  • ...that torture is better to give than to receive?
  • ..that the sky is up and the ground is down, except in Australia where the opposite is true...that the sky is up and the ground is down, except in Australia where the opposite is true?

On This Day:  

The Treaty for the Establishment of a 'Creativian Covenant' was signed between the Republic of Eire, Buildatopia and Experio to recapture the capital of Creativia, Epsilon

Photo Of The day Edit

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Lingminging's(King) plan for other creativian leaders

Creativia Edit

Welcome to the majesty of Creativia. We are AWESOME!!!!!

Please note: WE HAVE A MAP NOW



Battle of the shadow arts Lingminging (Purple) VS Craftiegreen (Green):

Some links: Epsilon Creativian Empire Players Senate Tower Parliament

== News ==

Creativia has become the 4th Reich. Lingminging is Führer, Daleksec1000 is Chancellor and craftiegreen is Vice-Chancellor. The Reich Chancellory is still under construction, though it is almost complete! The Survival Realm is now reset!

2014-04-04 18.20.08

The vast city of Epsilon

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