17/01/2015 Edit

The Covenant remnant has besieged the town of Europium and are arming themselves with Creativian weaponry. The covenant has halted belief in the superiority at the current time and has allied themselves wth the Exatians. The Exatians have already attacked two major chlorophyll factories in the province of south shonii. This has left much of creativia with a chlorophyll shortage.

News Update Edit

The Courageous Chlorophyll Clan of the CCC for short who spend most of their time leading minor terrorist attacks on New Regalia and other Equlibrian territories has started attacking north-west Epsilon and already captured the food/chlorophyll storage(Which only stored chlorophyll) the Chancellory shall have an emergency meeting at the reichstag. The question will be asked.....Is the CCC really arro.

Info update Edit

Many if you may not know but arro is a terriorist order who have been threating creativia for some time but have never actually made an actual attack.

18/01/2015 Edit