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The Emblem Of creativian military

The Creativian Military Forces are the combined armed forces of Creativia. They consist of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and a Chloro-legion.

The Creativian military is the proud owner of the one and only wooden canoe navy. Each one can also work as a sub if the operator puts holes in it on the day of use. The "HMCS Undestroyable", and the "HMCS Oh brown wool we're a sub now" are oufited with only the best weapons Creativia can buy for its army: Chlorophyll! Creativian Attack Plan 547/J states that the attacking forces should throw as much chloro at the other ship as possible. This will either sink it or inspire pity in the opposing forces as the canoe speeds away. The Creativians are planning to include state of the art chloro rockets which may take years to implement.

The formation of the Creativian navy began when Canada finally got the point that most other navies around the world actually had boats in them. Parliament hired some of the country's most skilled workers and began working on 2 new Super Rafts fitted with bows and arrows on the sides (in the event they happen to spot a whale) and christened them Truth and Reconciliation

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