List of Covenant 

Abstergo God of the Void
Awyé Spirit of Jungles and Nature
Belgo Spirit of Villager Protection
Celuda Spirit of Redstone Technology
Lingminging Spirit of the Ice, Snow, and Cold
Cynia Goddess of the Tundra and Taiga
Damnasse Spirit of Loyalty
Darathos The Dark (Mystery)
Definitis  The Paranoid (Mystery)
Deus Ignis Demon of Fire and Lava
End'ar Demon of the Ender
Enderfart Sprit of the End
Faizehr Spirit of Science
Fara Goddess of the Far Lands
Feirgenirb Demon of Griefing
Flynt Spirit of Experimentation
Fructum Spirit of Melons
Furan Demon of Pigmen and Villagers
Gluceo God of Cakes
Harenam Demon of the Desert
Herobrine The Destructive Blind One
Howlith God of Wolves
Huon Spirit of Exploration and Settlers
Kopom Spirit of Boundaries, Rivers, and Death
Kratae The Unknown (Mystery)
Mithros Spirit of Miners and Metalsmiths
Moouka God of Mushrooms
Nagrahaale Demon of Pestilence, Famine, and Decay
Nadir Demon of the Plains?
Narcus Demon of Symmetry, Death, and Infection
Net God of Insanity, Madness, and the Nether
Niudla Spirit of Dungeons
Nixos Man made into God
Nixos (#2) The Prodigy made God
Paltus Demon of Bloodshed and Violence
Penna Goddess of Air
Pillagis Demon of Drunks and Pirates
Poise God of the Oceans
Rifl Spirit of the Hunt
Roki God of the Underground
Saigon Spirit of the Depths
Shen God of Desert Warfare
Simoeis Spirit of Building
Soukia The Sinner (Mystery


Spirit of Honor and Honorable Combat

Goddess of forests

Terrae Goddess of the Overworld
Tesla Demon of Machinery
The Holy Apple Spirit of Apples
Toximit Spirit of Pumpkins
Trinity Goddess of Bravery
Valcorona Goddess of Volcanoes and Islands
Wendigo Demon of Gluttony, Cannibalism, and Depravity
Wikia Spirit of Knowledge