Warning: Reading this article is a mortal sin

Creativianism,, So Sayeth His Holiness Pope Lingminging LCXXVIII and Everyone Else Who Cometh Beforeth Him and Anyone Else Who Cometheth Behindeth Him is the largest support group on planet minecraft. With over 1 billion members (of varying loyalties and intelligence levels) and with a support team of almost 400,000 superpowered individuals, Creativianism, is the most exciting and vibrant club one can belong to. Over the years Creativianism has gained an almost religious following.

Creativianism is the true version of Christianity. Many vocal supporters of the enemy disagree ardently with this notion, but unfortunately, they are wrong. Creativianism is widely considered to be the wide-screen, director's cut  Blu-Ray of religion.

Warning: Despite the Creativian Church's sincere efforts to remove Satanic information from this webpage, it still remains tainted by the Lingminging…I mean the Devil. The Creativian Church is not liable for your extradition to hell.

The Creativian Church is a secret underground cult of the church for raving crazy people that have hindered scientific advancements for centuries and have chlorophyll. good Christians who worship Lingminging.

The Creativian Inquisition

The Creativian Inquisition was a period of history in which the Creativian  Church went into Exatia and attempted to bring out a confession  from those who were not Creativianist. What made this period so deadly was that nobody expected The Creativian  Inquisition.

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