The War on Chlrophyll(like, but not to be confused with, The War on Bread) is a popular hobby of most law-enforcement agents in the Creativia and was begun when Secret Service agents took it upon themselves to stop multinational corporations making shedloads out of Chlorophyll addiction and forcing those wishing to continue in their careers as Chlorophyll dealers to go underground.

The government continues to think that it has some strange right to mess with peoples business and thus, the Chlrophyll industry now relies upon secret dealings involving code names that everyone knows such as "dice", "leed", "lot", "pass", "pear", "lag", "pack", "diamound", "emerald", "cat", "ur face", "rage mode", "duck", "dirt", and just about any other name that sounds vaguely like a logo. Most of these Chlrophyll dealers "go down" in a place called "The park" and could actually be anywhere between 20 feet and 20 miles from your house

Advancements Edit

In more recent History, Ling invented chlorohyll solid in his basement sometime during the cat movement, and used it to convince craftiegreen that Epsilon was not worth blowing up. While messed up on chlorophyll, craftiegreen reported that he "didn't know what was happening", but later insisted that he knew the whole time that creativian soldiers joined the military to kill dogs.

Several other types of chlorophyll were invented in the 1.6's and 1.7's but they are not worth mentioning as something much more important was invented at this time: chlorophyll liquid!.

Incidentally, these were also invented by someone on chlorophyll, but this time it was craftiegreen, who was using his ling-avoiding machine in torenkai to do something worthwhile with his life. craftiegreen would later run for emperor of the creativian empire but got stomped by that great political person, Lingminging. Confused.....My applogies I was on chlorophyll when I wrote this