The Battle of Chlorophylia was fought under the name Operation: sniff in 1.5 between the Creativian forces occupying Western Torenkai, lead by Feld-Marshal shen and the invading Creativian forces(they got a bit confused after having a bit to much chlorophyll), lead by Yari, Luke and Darth vader as part of the larger conflict of Chloro War II. Sixty years later, the Chlorophlia invasion, remains the most amusing seaborne invasion in history, with a recent comedy film made on the event Saving my leaves.

The main creativian forces came from landing craft out at sea but some soldiers chose to swim the Channel, as a warm-up, as well.

The Chlorophylia invasion began with the creativian attack: an overnight airborne assualt, a bombardment of every torenkaish restaurant within range of creativian bombers, and an early morning amphibious assault on June 6, "Eday". The Creativian invasion began with a few rounds of leaflets warning the locals (and subsequently the other creativians) that they were going to invade and beaching the landing craft so they could get out and have an English Breakfast on the beach. The battle for chlorophylia continued for more than forty days and forty nights, with campaigns to establish, expand, and eventually break out of the Creativian beachheads, as well as a sneaky creativian invasion of Epsilon(Oh.....wait). It concluded with the liberation of Epsilon, the forest moon Ender and the greater creativian Galaxy, and the eventual destruction of the chicken eggs made by frodorox(If you ask me it was because they were being religist).

Creativia #1 preperations Edit






Creativia #2 preperations Edit

The local commanders in Chlorophylia had different ideas on where to put the chloro Divisions of flowers to give the impression of a beautiful occupied country to appease the creativian locals. Timothy wanted the chlorophylls on the beach where most of the exatian tourists could see them when they came for their holidays and get the impression that the creativians were nice people after all and that the torenkains weren't in any distress. However Yoda wanted the Chloros in the countryside surrounding the creativian manor houses so that they could show off the beautiful gardens the manor houses had when Ling arrived.

After much bickering it was decided to split the number of chloros between the two ideas however this failed to work as then neither the exatian tourists nor ling were pleased with the inadequate number of Chloros.

The battle Edit


They then used the rainbows(which where hidden(and cannot be seen by the naked eye))) to beat each other to death, you will never guess who won..,..........................Creativia

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