Aaa008's minecraft skin... possibly...

AAA008 is a general purpose evil-doer, and all round a very naughty person. The Devil....I mean aaa008 was initially a Walmart employee, until aaa008 decided to forget the rules and worship Duck attitude instead of Lingminging and Enderfart. This didn't go over well with Ling considering he is God so he banished Her and of his fan club which now compromised a third of the Army.Aaa00 decided to launch some holy war, "for control". Ling finally decided that this whole "War" thing was getting out of hand so he decided to stop watching Avatar the last airbender for ten minutes, dropped his Belgium Chocolate and locked up aaa008 in his chest. Aka hell. Satan did the next


Aaa008 has always had a strange affinity with knives and even managed to create them in minecraft... with no mods...

logical to make her self feel like a total bad-person again decided to mess with all the players instead. Which Ling decided not to intervene with because Their screams are rather amusing after a busy day at the office.

Alliance Edit

Ling then decided that "Hay we seem to have the same ideas let work togeather and he allowed her to come out of the chest and said she could help Maxpaxrax in the "Terra Team"